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Spinadoodles Year 4 "I'm Zonin"

You thought it was over, but the diary comics continue! I changed the format a little and stopped making them daily, but these are pretty much the same Spinadoodles comics that you've grown to love. Collects all the strips I drew while being 25 (June 26th 2012 – June 25th 2013), including a LOT that I never put online. It's a cute 4" x 6", 192 page, perfect bound book, making it the best looking Spinadoodles collection by far. Published by Tinto Press! Read more about it HERE!

The Frantastic Four

Meet Frankie Frantastic and his rag-tag crew consisting of an alien, a monster and a robot personal assistant as they try to make it in the world. It's not made for kids, but there's no bad words or anything! I think it's my most well drawn comic so far, and it's also my first Published work (the printing is so nice!). It's 10.25" x 6.5" (full comic book size), 48 pages long, Published by the awesome KILGORE BOOKS and sooooooo funny! I tried so hard on this one, please read it. Read more HERE!

Spinadoodles Year 3

Here it is, my last full year of doing daily diary comics (June 25th 2011 – June 25th 2012)! Around 400 strips of me being 24 years old (a handful of which weren't put online because they're too embarrassing/mean). It's 7" x 7" and over 100 pages, with a bunch of extra content and a full color insert! This book is PACKED. Complete the epic trilogy of my life! Read more about it HERE.

DAGGURS 'Troubled Youth'

My 24-hour comic from 2012! Daggurs is a super violent guy who had a life-change after doing something super violent. Can he end his super violent ways?! I would rate this one PG-13. It's 4" x 5" and 24 pages long (on yellow paper). Read more about it HERE.

Whale Tail

Whale Tail is a Collabo art book I made with Samantha! 8 pages of my recklessly doodled monsters and stuff over her thoughtful pencil drawings. I've been trying to get Samantha to do something like this forever, and I really like how it turned out!

Boob 2: Boob Harder

Boob 2 is here! This highly-anticipated sequel to BOOB is 32 pages chalk-full of stupid collabo comics I made with my AZ homie JON GARZA! Fart jokes, poop jokes, barfing... you name it! It's in here. Get your copy TODAY for only $2 (more for international) and $1 shipping.

Boob 2 Boob HARDER

Grandma Stories

This comic was pretty much made for my grandma, so it's pretty sappy, but she tells some pretty great stories! I started this for 24 hour comics day this year (October 2nd – 3rd) but only had enough time for 15 pages and later went back and finished it up. So it's 24 pages, black and white (on cream paper!) and about 8" x 5". Read more about it and see some preview pages HERE!

FIGHT! A Chapter Book by Sam Spina

My XERIC-AWARD winning book is finally in print! It's 80 pages long, about 5" x 4", and totally nuts. Usually my comics are pretty cute and kid-friendly, but I tried to make this one as gross as I could! Definitely not ok for kids. It's about FIGHT, the world champion of fighting loosing his title for the first time of his life! How does he deal? Who can say? If you're not convinced, read more about it HERE.

Spinadoodles: The Second Year

This book is a MONSTER! It's 100+ pages (7" x 7") literally JAM-PACKED with over 400 Spinadoodles strips and extra stuff. It collects EVERY strip (even the ones I was too embarrassed to post online) from May 1st 2010 – June 25th 2011, and has another sweet bonus color insert like last year, and a nice looking color cover! Click HERE to hear a little more about it!

Fight T-Shirt

I'm hand-screenprinting T-shirts for my upcoming Xeric book, FIGHT! Making T-Shirts is kind of expensive, so I'm only making enough for people who tell me they want one! (pre-orders close at the end of the week!). Here's what the shirts will look like:

ALSO, I'm donating all the profits to charity (I haven't chosen one yet, but it will be something for the Horn of Africa)! So you can feel good about wearing a Fight T-shirt. I was trying to set it up to where you could add more money for the T-Shirt if you wanted to donate more, but I guess you could do that HERE, or a million other places. The shirt is hand-dyed and hand-printed and only $15 plus $2.50 shipping. $5 more for international. Also, some of the smalls are dyed much lighter than orange, sorta more of a peach. So don't be disappointed if you get one of those. They're cool. oh yea, THANKS.

And if you're buying internationally, be sure to include your size.

SOLD OUT! Sorry, I want to make more shirts someday.

The Burning: a childhood memories comic

The Burning is a COLLABO book with my forever friend JON GARZA! We each tell a ten page story about a time when we bought lighters and burned a whole stack of free newspapers when we were little kids! See what we remember differently, for only ONE DOLLAR (plus 50 cents shipping). That's like 50 cents per story! WHAT A DEAL. You can read more about it HERE.

Spinadoodles: the First Year

A huge collection of EVERY daily diary-style comic I did from April 16th, 2009 to April 30th, 2010. It's almost 400 comic strips on over 100 pages! It also has a sweet color insert! Click HERE for more!

Sharker the Forgotten: the Story of Sean Kerr

Half man half murder! Comes with bonus mini-mini-comic starring SHRIMPER! It's 24 pgs (+24 extra pgs). Probably my best drawn comic to date, and it's only $3 ($4.50 international) and $1 shipping. Click HERE for more info. I only have a few of these left, email me for availability! Thanks.

Fresh to Death

Fresh to Death is a story of two dudes going to see a DJ after work! It also has a lot of bad words. 48 pages and only $2 ($3 international) and $1 shipping. Click HERE for a better preview!

I only have a few of these left, email me for availability! Thanks.

Snood and the Destroyer's Hole

My first 24 hour comic! I drew this whole story about Snoods and some Destroyers in just one day! It's 24 pages. $2 ($3.50 for international) with $1 shipping. Click HERE for a preview!

Hoodle Origins

Learn the troubling history of Hoodle, a small character I've been drawing since I was like 15! Is he a monster? Alien? Fish? Well actually I'll just tell you, he's from space. This one's 24 pages, $3 ($4.50 international) and $1 shipping. Click HERE for more info!

SOLD OUT! Sorry.

Boob Vol. 1

This is a COLLABO book I made with my AZ homie JON GARZA! We sent a sketchbook back and forth forever, and these are the comics from that very book! It's 24 pages, immature, funny, messed up... it's BOOB! Check out Jon's work HERE! This is $2 ($3.50 for international) and $1 shipping.

Dog Craps

A tiny little comic about dogs and craps! Perfect for people who love dogs and crap. Also, Samantha has a drawing in there! Yeah Samantha! Only 50 cents + 50 cents shipping. It's an extra dollar for international people. CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

5 x 5 Digital Print Set

That's right, two 5x5 digital prints for the price of two! Horn Hole Heef and Flonder would make the wall next to your drawing table look great. I'll even throw in a Butt Button and an exclusive bookmark. And I'll draw on the back of these and personalize them to you! I only have like 6 sets, so get yours before it's gone! Only $6 (more for international)

Small Painting

Your very own original small watercolor painting by me! It will be 3.5" x 2.5" on illustration board. Tell me what you want! I'll paint anything, a superhero, a Pokemon, you, you're dog, boobs, whatever! $10 with only $1 shipping! More for international shipping. Click HERE to see a full gallery of some small paintings I've already made, or just check out my Tumblr: YEABOIIIII