Fight T-Shirt

I'm hand-screenprinting T-shirts for my upcoming Xeric book, FIGHT! Making T-Shirts is kind of expensive, so I'm only making enough for people who tell me they want one! (pre-orders close at the end of the week!). Here's what the shirts will look like:

ALSO, I'm donating all the profits to charity (I haven't chosen one yet, but it will be something for the Horn of Africa)! So you can feel good about wearing a Fight T-shirt. I was trying to set it up to where you could add more money for the T-Shirt if you wanted to donate more, but I guess you could do that HERE, or a million other places. The shirt is hand-dyed and hand-printed and only $15 plus $2.50 shipping. $5 more for international. Also, some of the smalls are dyed much lighter than orange, sorta more of a peach. So don't be disappointed if you get one of those. They're cool. oh yea, THANKS.

And if you're buying internationally, be sure to include your size.

SOLD OUT! Sorry, I want to make more shirts someday.